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Bench Spots - Our Work

The ability to design seating correctly into a garden can make or break the design; chairs are important for both physical and psychological enjoyment of the space.

Benches or dining sets are so much more than just somewhere to sit; they are focal points that draw your eye through a space and an invitation to visit parts of the garden that may otherwise be forgotten. You're much more likely to wander towards a distant corner if there is the ability to sit down, or just rest a mug of tea (or something stronger).

We associate seating with social interactions and relaxation. They remind you that people use the garden, and can make the space feel more welcoming. Our different lifestyles may mean some areas are more well-used than others; are you more in need of a party terrace, or a two-seater bench positioned intentionally to watch the sun set?

Benches are a feature in their own right, with none more recognisable than the Lutyens bench found in many stately homes and National Trust properties (see the photo of a mint-coloured bench with white roses in the foreground below). Or, we can recommend master craftsmen carpenters or ironmongers to create a unique designer feature.

Practically, they need to be robust, well supported so they don't sink into the mud, and maintained with water-resistant paint or the wood allowed to weather naturally. A clean, decorative chair is much more appealing than a wobbly flaking one.

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