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Bespoke Carpentry - Our Work

A collection of photos of carpentry carried out by our in-house Craftsmen.

The majority of our work includes carpentry in some form; bespoke gates, trellis, pergolas and rose arches are quite popular. If there's something else you'd like to see an example of, please do get in touch as these are just the photos we remember to take!

Steve (CEO) can often be found in 'the tractor shed' - a building that we inherited when we bought our current property that did actually once contain a tractor, and other horticultural necessities, but now is jam-packed with wood working equipment... and sawdust!

His love of woodwork was fostered by his grandfather who was a precision carpenter and pattern maker for Lucas manufacturers. He started teaching Steve, aged 8, woodworking skills whilst rebuilding his house.

Steve now designs everything Envisage builds to order; carpentry seen in the photos below is made in-house and reflects a clients individual taste.

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